How attorney can help you receive child support on time?

05 Nov

You and your spouse decided to go your own ways. After filing for divorce and going through the process, you are assigned with a child support. However, you do not always receive it on time. The question is can an attorney help you receive it on time, and is there anything else an attorney can do to enforce the child support?

Listed below is everything an attorney can do for you after a divorce, assuming that you were assigned with a child support.

Contempt For Child Support Order

If your ex-spouse has missed a few child support payments or refuses to pay them, you can hire an attorney and have him/her file a contempt for child support order, asking the court to make your ex-spouse pay. Your attorney ill print the document, have you sign and fill it and then submit it with the local court where the divorce was settled.

Once filled, your ex-spouse will receive a notice from the court that he or she has to pay for the child support (for all months of non-payment, including the current month) within the given time assigned by the court (usually 30-60 days). If those requirements are not met, your ex’s passport will be taken and he or she will be unable to leave the country or state. In addition, your ex will face penalties with the court and fines for not paying the child support on time.

Contact Divorce Attorneys in Salt Lake City if you need any help with the child support following a divorce.

Other Parent Lost Their Job or is Earning Less than $15,000 per Month

If the parent who is supposed to pay child support every month loses their job and is unable to pay for the child support, the court may reopen the case, assigning that parent to pay no more than $50 per month. Additionally, if and when the parent get back on his/her feet again, he or she will continue to pay what was agreed upon initially. 

Your ex will be able to file a motion to modify child support, or terminate it completely, depending on their financial situation. As a parent who is receiving child support, you can also hire an attorney and file an appeal, stating that you cannot support your children on your own. Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys will help you find a way out of the situation, and tell you what the best course of action is. Call today, schedule your free consultation and learn everything you need to know about child support and what to do if it gets modified.

Without an attorney, you cannot really do much. You have no idea what to do, and you don’t know how to protect your interests. That is why you should always have an attorney on speed dial, as you never know when you may need their services again. Scheduling a consultation is always free, so you lose nothing by simply calling and asking for help.

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